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Neal Black Interview by Michael Limnios


"It was a real pleasure to meet and record with John Sebastian (Loving Spoonful) and Dan Baird (Georgia Satellites). Both of those guys have been big influences and musical heroes to me. The best advice ever given to me was from Albert King when we were the opening band for him in New York City. He told me to slow down when I take my guitar solos."

Click link for more of the Neal Black Interview by Michael Limnios of Blues.GR

Posted by Abby Owen on January 6, 2014 at 9:16am

Washboard Jackson Interviewed by Michael Limnios

Washboard, on legendary bluesmen of the past: "Their legacy, as I see it is all the new, creative Blues and other music influenced by Blues, still being created today." Read the full interview by Michael Limnios here: Washboard Jackson: The Freedom of Blues

Posted by Abby Owen on December 15, 2013 at 11:22am

Andrew "Jr. Boy" Jones Interviewed by Michael Limnios of Athens Greece


Michael Limnios has been busy interviewing more Texas Blues artists, and even though I myself have been Slacking, I would like to share this insightful interview with you from when Michael asked Andrew "Jr. Boy" Jones <---(Click Link for full article)  about his take on Blues music and his many important connections to past superstars of Blues, most notably Freddie King, B.B. King and Charlie Musslewhite!

Thank you once again Michael!

Posted by Abby Owen on August 19, 2013 at 11:48am

Stevie Ray Vaughan ~ Original Oil Painting In Process, Then Sold On eBay!

Hey  Y'all,

I want to share with you the opportunity to see the creation of Tom Noll's new SRV painting. He started it 7/31/13 and it will be auctioned on eBay when finished. Check this out!!

and... the Live On-Line Auction is now at

Posted by Abby Owen on July 31, 2013 at 9:00pm — 1 Comment

Enjoy BB King's Signature Wines Collection..whine, whine, whine>>

Okay , I subscribe to a BLUES email may get these too...which give you some blues news...but mostly want your advertising band budget to spread the word in ads to their readership, who, I guess are folks like us. I get the latest email and it for a new line of wines..."Blues legend B.B. King, in collaboration with Votto Vines Importing, is proud to release a new line of signature wines bearing his name across the United States. The Rock and Roll and Blues Hall of Famer has debuted the B.B. King Signature Collection. The Blues Festival Guide is partnering with the distributors to get the word out to blues fans throughout the U.S. "
Maybe I am fermenting some sour grapes here, but doesn't it seem ironic that these folks want us to buy a $14 bottle of wine with BB King's name on it, so we can experience "Exemplifying the grace and elegance of the blues, "...??? WTF?? A REAL blues wine should be under $5, and maybe homemade. What do you think?

Posted by Bill Jones on June 14, 2013 at 9:00am

Canadian Blues Babe Suzie Vinnick

The 2013 IBC in Memphis, TN is the setting. The International Blues Challenge, for those not familiar, is where Blues artists from all over the world compete for a chance to be considered winners, although they all had to win in their own region to make it this far, so it goes without saying they are champions already, if they compete in Memphis.


It was my first time there, and it’s all a blur now. I and my companions were traipsing from one club to the next, with show times to meet as well as Blues peeps I had previous connections to, but had never met in person.  {Shout out to Vinny & Chef Jimi!}  I missed a couple of good jams but fortunately for me, even though I was very late in getting to The Orpheum Theater on Saturday for the finals, I walked in just as a young lady was explaining the writing process she and her collaborator had gone through to come up with a very specific wording for a point in a song they were working on.


The young lady’s name was Suzie Vinnick, and the song was ‘Save Me For Later’ from her 2011 album ‘Me & Mable’. I felt fortunate indeed to have seen and heard this amazing talent from Saskatoon Canada. I won’t tell you the story of the lyric involving Italian food, but hope one day you hear Suzie tell it. It is as wonderful a story as her singing and playing is on her trusty guitar ‘Mable’.


The song itself spoke to me in ways it would be hard to relate here, but suffice to say it is about longing. A feeling a girl remembers as far back as Jr High School when the boy you like never notices you and picks another girl to go steady with, while you gaze at his yearbook photo each night before you go to sleep and dream of the…


Posted by Abby Owen on March 23, 2013 at 2:06pm

Found a GREAT Podcast! ...and it's called 'The Roadhouse'!

This site was shared by my own newspaper The Blues Department this morning, ROADHOUSEPODCAST.COM and it is really good! LOVE the name, and since I've had my eye out for a podcast I could get behind; I think it just might work!

More from the owner of the podcast:

"The Roadhouse is a true labor of love, intended to present the full range of blues music to a broad Internet audience.

I’ve often heard folks who are unfamiliar with blues note that it’s “such simple music.” Indeed, it is. But the range of blues styles is breathtaking. From the Delta to Chicago, from pre-war to jump, acoustic, electric, harps, horns – it’s difficult, if not impossible, to describe the emotions conveyed with such a simple form. Blues music is, in my mind, that last great act of defiance; a declaration to the world that, “You gave me your toughest shot and, yes, I’m still standing.” Blues lovers everywhere understand.

With that in mind, I’m dedicated, via The Roadhouse, to preserving this priceless musical form, to presenting a broad range of blues each week (much of it by artists that even hardcore blues fans may not be aware of), and to promoting gleeful chair-dancing with each and every show."

Posted by Abby Owen on March 19, 2013 at 5:00am — 1 Comment

'Blues Women International' Making History In Clarksdale

"Blues Women International" making history in Clarksdale, Mississippi

History and magic was made at the first ever Blues Women International recording. Blues artists and an all female back up band joined passionate forces at the end of January in Clarksdale, Mississippi near the famed Crossroads to record 17 all original songs. This all took place at the Hopson Plantation Commissary where organizers turned the commissary into a recording studio.

Women blues artists came from all over the globe including Canada, Australia and many states like Texas, Alabama, Maine and more. Most of the women are recording artists, some are seasoned touring artists, others are award winners and all are blues women songwriters and players, with a female view of the blues.This was the first project organized and spearheaded by the newly formed group called Blues Women International. Project manager was Lon Mickelson from Minneapolis, who is a long time blues promoter, with some assistance in the planning with Sunday Wilde. It took months of planning to coordinate the venue, assistants and the female artists. It was organized to take place prior to the Memphis IBC so that the women could save on travel costs.

Hopson Commissary

The recording took place on Monday and Tuesday January 28-29 and is now in the second stage of the mixing and editing. The new release is expected to be launched in March of 2013. Many of the artists stayed on site at the Shack Up Inn and the Hopson Commissary so they could network, and work on the creative process. It was magic and history in the making with so many female artists in the blues together to meld and record.

The players involved in the recording were: Pat Pepin (Readfield, Maine), Billie…


Posted by Abby Owen on February 26, 2013 at 12:30am — 1 Comment

IBC 2013 Photos From Memphis

Check out some of the IBC 2013 photos from Memphis on our Facebook Page at: - I'll be adding links to albums by me and others of all the goings on.

Posted by Abby Owen on February 3, 2013 at 9:06pm — 1 Comment

TreynWrek Releases First CD '100 Proof' ~ Review by Abby Owen

Born at the Jailhouse, with the train rollin' by...TreynWrek has released it's first CD '100 Proof' with a little help from their friend James Roosa in the engineer's seat. Goo goo ka CHOO CHOO!


They've described their sound as 'high-energy Psychedelic Blues Rock' and I would have to say that is as close as you are likely to get to describing a sound that is, by it's own nature, completely original. We've all heard stories of the woes of mis-categorization. Hell, even I locked horns with front man/guitarist/vocalist Trey Dryden once when I blurted out they are 'not Blues'. Trey defended himself brilliantly and proceeded to clarify the sound is 'Blues based' and, well...after giving it more thought and many more listens (as it is my favorite disk at the moment) I have to admit iz rong *cough* I was wro...AHEM! Okay. I WAS WRONG. 'Blues based' is exactly as close as you are gonna get to describing in just a few words something that screams originality. 

Read the FULL REVIEW HERE at American Blues News,…


Posted by Abby Owen on January 25, 2013 at 9:23pm


What are the best gigs and venues in Ausin and Houston Spring '14

Hi I'm heading to Texas next May/June (2014) from Scotland to fulfil an ambition to visit the home of Texas Blues.  I plan to visit Houston, Austin and San Antonio.  Could you all help me with suggestions as to the best blues venues and gigs to visit during my stay?Many thanksDaveContinue

Started by David Potter in General Blues Talk Dec 15, 2013.

G Major - E Natural Minor - Minor Blues Exercise 3 Replies

G Major Modal Exercise – Relative Minor Scale – E Minor BluesIntroductionThis lesson will introduce the G Major scale and discuss one of the modes of the major scale called the Aeolian mode. We will then demonstrate how this information relates back to the blues with a simple exercise in E Minor Blues.The G Major ScaleThe notes in the G Major Scale are:G – A – B – C – D – E – F# - GAs you can see, the scale has no flat notes and only one sharp note in the seventh note of the scale. So for G…Continue

Tags: Minor Blues, Blues Lesson

Started by Michael Schaefer in Lessons. Last reply by Reginald clappison Oct 7, 2012.

Hello Dallas I need HELP!!

HELP! I have a friend that just moved to the North Dallas area who is an incredible singer / song writer / musician. She has a powerful voice and has an excellent stage presence. She is the real deal.  Her style is bluesy rock .   Being new to the area, she is in search of good venues where she can be heard with the possibility of finding a backup band for a new project. Any information would be greatly appreciated. If you would like more information, send me a private message. THANKS IN…Continue

Started by Tim Hutto in General Blues Talk Jun 14, 2012.

ZZ Top LIVE at LaGrange Fest 10/22 on SiriusXM 5 Replies

Hear ZZ Top LIVE in concert from the band’s first-ever “LaGrange Fest” at the Backyard in Austin, TX this Saturday, 10/22 at 10:30pm ET – exclusively on SiriusXM’s Outlaw Country (channel 60).  It’s the band’s first real time live concert broadcast to be heard in North America over the course of their 40-year career. Not a SiriusXM subscriber? Get a Free 7-Day Online Trial of SiriusXM at

Tags: XM, Outlaw, Country, Sirius, SiriusXM

Started by SiriusXM Eric in General Blues Talk. Last reply by Rockin' Robert T. Jun 6, 2012.

The Bulldogs Friday Night Blues Jam 1 Reply

Many of you know that The Cottage Lounge in Dallas has closed, and thus ended the 7 year history of the Bulldogs Friday night Jam at the Cottage.   Thanks to our many friends and fans of the jam, we have found a new home.    David Holcombe and I will continue to host some of Dallas best Blues Musicians each Friday night at the Northeast Point located at  2053 W. Northwest Highway in Dallas.  The Jam starts a little earlier than before.   We will kick things off at 8:00 and go till around 12.The…Continue

Started by JimmyMac McNeal in General Blues Talk. Last reply by Abby Owen May 18, 2012.

Texas Blues Cafe 13 Replies

I came across this board while trying to find out what ever happened to the Texas Blues Cafe podcast. The last one was late November last year, then no more! Anyone know?

Started by Jeff Daniel in General Blues Talk. Last reply by David Viola May 10, 2012.

Have A Favorite Texas Blues Artist? 14 Replies

Yeah, this is an obvious question. But I thought I would try to seed the discussions in the forum with a hot topic.As a musician, the word "favorite" is really subjective. There's no doubt that SRV was my entry point to the blues. I had heard a lot of blues before him, but nothing grabbed me the way his version of Mary Had A Little Lamb grabbed me. I hadn't been exposed to enough blues at the time to know that there was music out there that would make your whole body want to move. This was the…Continue

Tags: Stevie Ray Vaughan, Holland K. Smith, Nick Curran, TBone Walker, Favorite

Started by Michael Schaefer in General Blues Talk. Last reply by Roland Anderson May 3, 2012.

Texas Blues Standards 15 Replies

Roadhouse members, It would help me a great deal if you could suggest the songs that you consider to be the standards of the Texas Blues sub-genre of blues. Obviously there will be a lot of opinion on this subject. So please be respectful. We'll listen to everyone's suggestions and then try to boil the list down to a reasonable number. I'd like this list to contain both new and old standards. So obviously Stevie Ray Vaughan is fair game. Likewise, so are all the old legends of Texas Blues.…Continue

Tags: Texas Blues Standard, Texas Blues, Blues Standards

Started by Michael Schaefer in General Blues Talk. Last reply by Moustafa Eker May 1, 2012.

Blues Singer Songwriter

Come Check Out       Al J Heid'S  Music @ Continue

Started by Al J Heid in General Blues Talk Mar 5, 2012.

Wednesday's Jones Hall Performance 1 Reply

Can members of HBS get discounts on tickets for the Jones Hall concert?Continue

Started by Bill Large in General Blues Talk. Last reply by Abby Owen Feb 28, 2012.


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BUCK69’s New CD "No Medicine Like The Blues"

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