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I'm into Texas music, due to I'm a fan of ZZ Top. I really love Texas country and its music!

In the past, when I researched on the internet about ZZ Top, I realized that ZZ Top had psychedelic roots. For example; "Legendary" Roky Erickson was one of Billy Gibbons' best friends, Billy had a psychedelic blues rock band named The Moving Sidewalks, Hill Brothers (Dusty Hill & Rocky Hill) had founded "The American Blues" (Frank Beard had joined them), and so on. The Moving Sidewalks and The American Blues were the good musical groups of Texas Psychedelic music scene.

Most people think that "Legendary" Roky was the most important person in Texas psychedelic music. For sure "Legendary" Roky was prophet of Texas psychedelia but in Texas there were many cool bands, back in the day. I think it's important in that the existence of these bands shows us range of Texas music. Also thanks to ZZ Top, I'm so happy that I discovered this music treasure. In fact, I believe and feel that TEXAS  is one of the music capitals of the world.

Don't mess with Texas ! 

Some Texan Psychedelic Bands

13th Floor Elevators
Neal Ford & The Fanatics
The Moving Sidewalks
The American Blues
The Red Krayola
Fever Tree
Bubble Puppy
Golden Dawn
Zakary Thaks
Eric Johnson's "Mariani"

About Texas Psychedelic Music

search on youtube

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Comment by Abby Owen on May 1, 2012 at 12:22pm

A Facebook comment from : Richard Cagle 

Very cool... One of the very best bands in Houston at that time was "the Children"... Their second album never came out because their singer Steve Peron died... But their single "Pills" hit the charts and they started touring... A song on their unreleased album that you do know... "Francine"... which ZZ Top released on Rio Grande Mud in 1972... Kenny Cordray was their guitarist... He was the baby of the group, I think he was only 16 at the time... I recently saw a promo photo of the band on a Love Street Light Circus website that Mason Romans had sent me... Cool memories! - R.E. Cagle

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